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The "Guiding Opinions of the General Office of the State Council on Promoting the Stable Growth of the Building Materials Industry to Increase the Efficiency of the Structure" clearly states: reducing excess capacity, accelerating transformation and upgrading, promoting cost reduction and efficiency improvement, and improving support policies. We will comprehensively promote the development strategy of “innovation and improvement, beyond leadership”.

The construction of “new industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization” will open up a new huge market space for the development of the industry. China has entered a critical period of simultaneous development of new industrialization, informationization, urbanization and agricultural modernization. The pace of modernization of new rural construction the construction of urban infrastructure, underground pipe network and affordable housing projects are accelerating. The National New Urbanization Plan is being implemented, and the demand for construction of housing materials and transportation facilities in new rural areas is increasing. And the “13th Five-Year Plan” still has a number of major projects such as water conservancy, high-speed rail, highways, ports and airports. These provide a large market space for the development of building materials, building materials, building materials and building materials.

“The Belt and Road” strategy will open up new market space for Chinese building materials industry. Construction of international key infrastructure such as the Asian Highway Network, the construction of the Trans-Asian Railway Network, the construction of high-speed rail and supporting facilities, port construction, oil and gas pipelines, cross-border bridges, cross-border power and transmission corridor construction, and optical cable transmission systems, will increase new market demand on building materials and products.

Shanghai International Wall Materials Technology Expo will conform to the development trend of the modernization of the construction industry, as well as the target requirements for standard-fitted buildings and fully-renovated finished houses, and comprehensively display “one wall body and two wall metope (wall body and interior and exterior metope )" system solution. Under the requirements of the national environmental protection strategy, transformation and upgrading is the only way out for the industry. Totally integrate building energy saving, prefabricated construction, exterior wall materials, interior wall materials, building accessories and other sectors. This exhibition is dedicated to bringing the wisdom and strength of the industry together. It will be a high-end effective platform with industry exchanges, dialogues and cooperation. It will attract professional audiences such as government authorities, industry associations, real estate developers, design units, engineering companies and building materials channels. It will professionally interpret the “Transformation & Upgrade Wall Materials Technology System Solution”.

At the same time, the International Green Building Materials (Shanghai) Expo (referred to as: Green Construction Expo), which has been successfully held for 14 years, aiming to “provide comprehensive solutions for green buildings”.

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